The Most Closely-Guarded "Inner Secrets" That Was Used During Ancient Civilizations...
Learn How To Tap Into Your Higher Self With This Ancient Breathing Technique... And Live every Day With Complete Mental Clarity And Minimum Stress.

And in just 60 Minutes Learn How To Reprogram Your Mind To Always Have The Mental Clarity,  Mental Relief, Inner Peace, And Newfound positive energy that People so desperately crave for...

A Percentage Of All Proceeds Will Be Donated To Help Fight Human Trafficking

We are giving a percentage of our proceeds to Operation Underground Railroad who helps rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Today they have rescued over 4,100 victims and arrested over 2,300 traffickers from around the world.
What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: How To Heal Your Anxiety, Depression And Trauma Instantly
Learn how to feel relief immediately during this  session with us in just 7 minutes.
Secret #2:  How To Connect With The Oneness Of The Universe
Connect instantly byexpanding your conscious state to a higher realm and awaken your divinity.
Secret #3: How To Reprogram Your Mind For A New You
Easily  find the answers hidden deep within yourself to find your souls purpose.

Set Yourself Free With Billy Carson And Us This Saturday, September 19th, 2pm PST (5pm EST)!

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Our Dear Friend,

If you are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or even pain within your life right now and need a place of healing and relief, then this will be one of the most important things you will ever read.

Hi there, We are Anton and Irina and we are writing to you today, because we have discovered an ancient secret breathing technique that has helped us tap into our higher self and has transformed our lives completely.

We wanted to share this technique with people who are in a similar situation that we used to be in, feeling lost, filled with depression and anxiety where they just desperately want to find relief in these chaotic times. 

So we spent thousands of dollars on pharmaceutical drugs, talk therapy, and self-help books, but the problem was that they only gave us temporary relief and never really fixed the problem.

That's why we are so excited to share this secret technique with you. We have shared this with thousands of people who have also transformed their lives and were able to feel the effects within just 7 minutes. 

What Is This Ancient Breathing Technique That Has Transformed Thousands Of People's Lives?

This breathing technique we are about to share with you is something that many shamans, mystics, ancient Egyptians, and many other civilizations from the beginning of time used to awaken their own divinity.

It's a technique so profound, yet so simple that anybody in the world can do it once they figure out how to use it.

And this technique we are about to share with you to tap into your inner potential is through...
A combination of the most powerful breathing techniques!
Conscious breathing when done correctly has the ability to return us to balance, help us process trauma, and return ourselves to wholeness.

The definition of breath from many different archaic languages always comes down to the same definition: life, soul, and spirit.

If every language all over the world, defines the word breath the same then this begs the question...

“What secrets did the Ancients know about the breath that we don't know?”

This made us go on a quest to uncover the secret benefits that The Ancients were hiding from us.

So after years of travelling around the world and learning from the best spiritual teachers, we researched how these benefits can be used for everyone to help them achieve mental clarity.

Fast forward to today and we have shared this technique to thousands of people who needed mental clarity and relief in their lives.

We have discovered the hidden secrets that the Ancients already knew with these techniques that have the ability to make our stress and anxiety disappear instantly as well as tapping into our higher self that we can practice today.

"Permanently Reprogram Your Mind With A Positive Outlook On Life"

These breathwork techniques also have the ability to dramatically change your life through "shadow work."

Inside everybody we have something called the "shadow self," which is the suppressed parts inside of us.

This can be trauma, fear, or something painful hidden deep inside our subconscious mind from our childhood  which influences our everyday decisions.

This ancient powerful breathwork technique also integrates "shadow work" which allows you to bring your suppressed thoughts to you conscious level while also give you the confidence to face it head-on and release it. 

Releasing this burden inside of you will make you feel lighter and happier inside. 

And don't worry, we will guide you along the whole way so that you feel safe and comfortable as we create space for the new you.

Here is How We Will Change Your Life In This Webinar...

  • Opening up your deep-rooted trauma stuck inside your inner psyche and helping to release that burden inside of you (making you massively feel lighter and happier inside...)
  • ​Experiencing massive mental clarity that gives you a clear view of the world around you...
  • Providing healing to your mind, body, and soul that helps make you feel centered in this chaotic world (Nourishing your body will fill you up with positive energy to handle this world...)
  • ​Having full control over your mind and your emotions during any situation (Nothing is going to stop you once you learn this secret technique...)
  • ​Boosting your immune system to help protect yourself from viruses and bacteria all around us...
  • ​Helping you release your pent-up negative emotions hidden deep within your bodies (and filling your body with positive energy instead...)
  • ​Helping you to find clarity within yourself to give you the answers and direction in your life (Many people have had breakthroughs with many of these answers...)
  • ​Having an increased positive outlook that will make you feel happier and more fulfilled in life (something that will change not only you but the people around you as well...) 
  • ​Improving your self-awareness and understanding more about you and your purpose for being in this world (It's having direction in your life that gives us the energy to move on...)
  • ​Having a spiritual cleansing to clean all the impurities inside of you and creating space for the new you...
  • ​Reducing chronic pain that has been plaguing you for many years and gently lifting it away...
  • ​Re-energizing and filling your body with positive energy that helps you appreciate the world and the people closest to you (People have reported feeling immense gratitude after our sessions...)
  • ​Connecting you to higher realms where you start to experience the divine...
  • ​The most effective way ever discovered to free yourself forever from childhood traumas...
  • ​How to relax completely and free yourself of each day's accumulation of nervous tension...
  • ​Using the energy of the New Moon to help create a new beginning for you (Harnessing this energy will exponentially help you in finding mental clarity as well as a breakthrough...)
  • ​And much more...

"How Breathwork Can Bring You Mental Clarity And Relief"

Before we had our first sesion with breathwork, we were also skeptical about it and even thought it was all “woo-woo" with no basis for its benefits...

But decided to try it out anyways with not much to lose.

It was when our anxiety and depression vanished from only one session that we knew that this was real.

This led us to start researching more about the benefits of breathing and found scientific evidence about the benefits of breathing like:
  • Helping you reduce anxiety...
  • ​Helping you reduce stress...
  • ​Helping you with trauma and depression...
Here's how a brief overview of how the science works for breathwork:

When you take a deep breath in and fill your body with oxygen, you tap into your sympathetic nervous system (which is your fight or flight response).

This allows you to be consciously aware of the physical stress and traumatic emotions stored deep inside your tissue which allows you to clear it from your body.

Having more oxygen in your body temporarily brings you to a higher pH level which makes it easier for your brain to become more aware of your subconscious activity through the limbic system.

It is the limbic system that is responsible for your emotions and memory and it's through this system where you can release all of that stored up negative energy from your past.

This is because you slow down your brain waves just enough to generate “theta brain waves” and "gamma waves" which allows you to start experiencing the deeper parts of the subconscious mind.

It is inside this subconscious mind where people have reported seeing a new world and slowly tapping into a higher divinity.

The best part about breathwork is that you can feel the effects within the first 7 minutes even when you have no prior experience in using this breathing technique and becomes stronger the longer you persist.

It’s through this experience that you will free yourself from your past self and create space for the new you to feel lighter and happier in your life.

What Happens To You During Your Breathwork Journey?

We can’t tell you with 100% certainty since everyone is different.

Some people may have uncontrollable laughter and joy while others will open up their deepest fears and traumas crying out all the negative energy out of their body. But remember, whatever happens is always exactly what you need.

Many people also feel a moment of deep gratitude and appreciation for the world.

But we have found a common similarity with everyone and after their first session with us, they come out with a deep sense of peace, clarity, and oneness with the world.

It's truly a life-changing experience when you have multiple people sharing their journeys in a safe and loving space where you can be vulnerable and feel accepted. 

Here Are Some People From Thousands Of People Who Went Through Our Life-Changing Experiences With Breathwork...

Here's just a sneak peek from some of the people out of thousands of people who were just like you and have never done breathwork but decided to give it a try.
"...I was able to expose things hidden deep inside of me holding me back in my life and felt such a spiritual detox from this breakthwork session.."

"...It's amazing the way it heals you, it heals your body, it heals your soul..."

"...Anton was able to bring it from the level of 'woo-woo' I've always heard to a level of logic I needed..."

"...It was so profound I came out so much lighter, happier, and realizing all the things I had to let go..."
"...It stretched me in areas emotionally and self-exploration that I thought it was incredible..."
"...I have done a lot of other healing modalities and energy work on myself but this is truly where I had the biggest breakthrough..."
"...This was my first breathwork journey and I had my biggest breakthrough..."
"...Not only did I gain more insight and more clarity but I also partnered up and now working with Irina and Anton..."
“...It was truly life-changing. Any time I feel anxiety, fear, frustration, or sadness, I can re-center myself with breathwork...” 
"...It brought up my deep insecurity inside of me and helped me released it making me feel so much lighter inside..."

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do we lose any benefits doing this breathwork session online vs. in person?

There is absolutely no problem and you will retain all the benefits whether we did it via webinar or in person. 

Since COVID we have found that people experience the same exact results whether in person or online.

 Is breathwork safe?

Out of the thousands of people we have worked with we have not experienced a problem with any of them.
However, these breathwork exercises can bring intense emotions and surface painful memories so that’s why we would be on the cautious side and consult your doctor if you:

  • Have a severe mental illness
  • Have any seizure disorders
  • Are using major medications
  • ​Have a history of aneurysms
  • ​Have high-blood pressure
  • ​Are pregnant

After all, we want to make sure you're safe. 

I’ve Never Done Any Breathwork, Meditation, or Yoga before. Will I Still Be Able To See Benefits?

Absolutely. We've noticed that the people who have never done any sort of breathwork, meditation, or yoga sometimes tend to have the best experiences.

A Confession And Our Biggest Fear

We have a confession to make…
Our biggest fear is that people are too skeptical on the benefits of breathwork and how it can transform their lives but don't give it a chance.

We know breathwork works since we have done it on ourselves and thousands of other peoples who have also had profound experiences that you can't really explain with just words.

All it take is just one transformational experience.

Just one moment. One decision to completely guide your life to the right path in this chaotic world.

And we will help guide you on your own self-journey as you explore the answers deep within yourself.

Breathing isn't just a skill where you learn it once and never use it again. You bring your breath with you throughout your entire life.

Absolutely no risk at all. If you didn't find this session helpful at all whatsoever we will honor the 30 day money back guarantee.

How Much Would You Pay To Have A Positive Life-Changing Experience?

Many people (including us) have spent spend thousands of dollars on pharmaceutical medicines and talk therapy that only masks the problem.

They only temporarily fix the problem and never go to the root in completely eradicating the problem forever.

We have even charged over $500 for these events because of how profound it can be for someone's life dealing with intense anxiety and depression.

So we decided to make this only $49 to make it more accessible to everyone and give more people a chance to learn about this amazing technique that could change your life forever.

Every person who has walked away from this experience has always thanked us for a new experience that they can take with them and remember for the rest of their lives.

But just like last time, we only let in a certain amount of people in so we can keep this group tight-knit where we can focus on building love, trust, and openness with our members.

So you will want to hurry up before we run out of seats for this event as it has happened with our past events and can't guarantee we can save your seat.

Meet Your Breathwork Guides

Billy Carson

Billy Carson is the founder of 4biddenknowledge Inc. and also, the Best Selling Author of "The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets." Billy also serves as an expert host on Gaia’s original series, Ancient Civilizations, in which a team of renowned scholars decipher the riddles of our origins and pieces together our forgotten history documented in monuments and texts around the world. 

He truly appreciate the dedication and hard work it takes to accomplish great things and it was after his last breathwork session with Anton and Irina where he appreciates the experience they have provided for him.

It was through this subconscious experience where he was able to dive deep and help him release the things holding him back in life and creating a lighter and happier self. 

Irina Melkumyan

Irina Melkumyan spent many years studying the human mind, awareness, and the power of breath which led her to discovering the power and joy of breathwork.
After realizing that she can impact people’s lives by helping them open themselves up through our workshops, she made it her mission to help people feel noticed, valued and heard. 

Even from a young age, she used her “gut feeling”, my intuition, to help people recognize their worth and power as they go on their journey of self love.
She believes that every single person has a few simple, yet important, emotional needs, which is to feel loved, valued, and noticed.

And that's what she focus on during every single breathwork session. She focuses on creating a safe and fun environment that creates space for people wanting to go on their self-exploration journey.

She is honored and excited to guide you back to who you truly are.

Anton Wisbiki

Anton Wisbiski at the age of 16 was dealing with anxiety and depression that haunted him his whole life until he was 22.

He tried everything from pharmaceutical drugs and talk therapy but it only temporarily fixed the problem. 

With no alternatives left to go, he decided to try out breathwork despite how skeptical he was of its benefits. 

This was when he knew breathwork was real when all of my mental illnesses disappeared after just one session.

This made him go on a quest to find the best breathing techniques so I can share it with other people who went through the same problems as me.

Fast forward to today... 

Irina and Anton are transforming thousands of people’s lives with this simple yet effective breathing technique in these breathwork workshops.

The greatest gift he could ever give to you is the same relief he has been able to experience. 

We are truly grateful and appreciative of this life and we made it our mission to make this world a better place, one breath at a time. 

See you soon, 
Anton & Irina 

P.S. Here’s a quote we love and felt it’s something that we need to remember every day: 
Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances." - Mahatma Gandhi

P.P.S. We really only have a limited amount of seats and from past webinars they fill up. We want to make sure that if you are truly serious about changing your life and going on a spiritual journey then you sign up below now to reserve your seat.

We are so excited to guide you on Saturday, September 19th at 2pm PST!

P.P.P.S. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask us at

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Disclaimer: Breathwork is not advised for persons with severe mental illness or seizure disorders or for persons using major medications. It is also unsuitable for anyone with a personal or family history of aneurysms. Pregnant women are advised against practicing Breathwork without first consulting and getting approval from their primary care physician. Persons with asthma should bring their inhaler and consult with their primary care physician and the Breathwork class facilitator.
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